Las Villas de San Buenas Customers

Las Villas de San Buenas Customers

Las Villas de San Buenas CustomersOne of the questions that we are most frequently asked is, “Who are buying all your lots?”  “Do they live in large cities or are they from rural areas?”  “Are they young people, middle aged, or retired?”  “Are they very wealthy or are they middle income?”  Interestingly, the answer to all these questions is YES! Las Villas de San Buneas customers come from all different backgrounds, from many different countries. This is a testament of how globally popular Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a global destination and Las Villas de San Buenas is no different.  We have sold over 40 lots to our clients who come from around the world and speak a variety of first languages. Customers have been born or currently live in Costa Rica, Canada, Columbia, France, Nigeria, Philippines UK and the USA.

Las Villas de San Buenas CustomersWithin the United States, customers are from Oregon to Virginia and from Minnesota to Florida.  We have folks from large cities, such as Los Angeles, California, and Paris, France, as well as buyers from rural areas in Iowa, South Dakota, and Oregon.  Customers range in age from late-20’s 30’s to early 70’s.

Our customers are farmers, teachers, CEO’s of companies, nurses, military people, former Olympians (including a silver medal winner in the 1996 Atlanta Games), people who work for $40,000,000,000 companies, and those who are self-employed.  Some customers are in the first quarter of their careers, while others are retired.  Some have been to Costa Rica numerous times, while others never have – and have purchased site unseen.  Some are planning to build a home on their property and live there all or part of the year, while others has bought lots solely as an investment.

With oLas Villas de San Buenas Customersur great location and beautiful surroundings, walking trails and parks seemingly everywhere, it is easy to see why so many people, with different backgrounds and occupations fall in love with Las Villas de San Buenas.

Thus, the key characteristics of our customers are not age, income level, current location, or a common reason for purchasing.  Instead, we have found that the characteristic that the overwhelming percentage of our customers have in common is the philosophy of life, or simply “attitude.”  Our buyers tend to have a very positive attitude and see the glass as “half full,” not “half empty”. In other words, they already live and believe in Costa Rica’s slogan “PURA VIDA!”

Las Villas de San Buenas Customers

Olympic Silver Medalist, and our customer, Brandon Paulson

Our buyers have an appreciation for beauty and adventure and new experiences. Our buyers are full of life, celebrate the unexpected, such as a monkey running across the highway or a toucan in a nearby tree, and enjoy learning new things, meeting new people, learning (or trying to learn!) a different language, and trying new foods.  In other words, they are great people to be around. Those looking for ‘cookie-cutter’ life and fast food restaurants everywhere should not consider living here.

If you have purchased one of our properties, we say, “Thank you and welcome aboard!”  If you haven’t considered purchasing, the obvious question is, “Why not?”  Come and join us in a truly great lifetime experience.

San Buenas Customers

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