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Duane Halverson Mary Halverson

Las Villas de San Buenas is a wonderful place to live…either year-round or part-time. When comparing real estate options within Costa Rica and other countries throughout the world, the number one reason to live here is the wonderful people! The community of San Buenaventura, and the owners of Las Villas de San Buenas, enjoy a wonderful relationship. We have hosted weddings, birthday parties and allowed local farmers to grow food on parts of the property. We feel to truly maximize the benefits of Costa Rica, it is important to get to know your neighbors.

Advantages of living here include:

  • Living in a safe, secure neighborhood
    (and gated community)
  • Close to world-class healthcare
    (only 5 minutes away)
  • Property management for when you are not using your home
  • Potential rental income.
    We handle all the details!
  • Walk to waterfalls and hiking trails
  • Affordable living
  • Amazing wildlife
  • Live in the world’s most beautiful country
  • Catholic Church:  1/4 mile away
  • Next door to golf course (the only one between Panama and Jaco)
  • Healthy living (if you like) with 100s of potential fruit trees to plant in your property
  • Elementary school is only 1/4 mile away (Costa Rica has some of the world’s best schools)

Besides all of those advantages, we are located close to everything Costa Rica has to offer:

Onsite/Next door

  • Private hiking trails
  • Golfing
  • Waterfalls
nick halverson waterfall
~5 minutes away

  • Grocery Store
  • Hospital/24 hour healthcare
  • Restaurants/Coffee
  • Hardware store
 Costa Rica Coffee
~10 minutes away

  • Playa Ventanas (beach)
  • Playa Tortuga (beach)
  • Turtle sanctuary
  • Restaurants
 Playa Ventanas: The best beach around!playa ventanas costa rica
~20 minutes away

  • Regional airport (PMZ)
  • Town of Uvita
  • Ballena National Park
  • Restaurants
  • Playa Uvita (beach)
  • Supermarkets
 “Whales Tail” Ballena National Park
Whales Tail Uvita costa rica
~30 minutes away

  • Ancient Stone Spheres Park
    (UNESCO Heritage Site)
  • Sierpe and the mangrove
  • Playa Dominical (beach)
    World class surfing and
    great beachfront shopping
  • Ziplines
~1 hour away

  • Manuel Antonio National
  • San Isidro del General
    (pop. 1o0,000 people)

Where to buy dapoxetine in dubai, Buy dapoxetine australia

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