Costa Rica Sustainable Living

Costa Rica Sustainable Living

Las-Villas-de-San-BuenasLas Villas did not start out as a Costa Rica sustainable living community as its focus. The community has evolved with global concerns for the environment. Our location in Costa Rica’s Osa region provides the perfect environment to grow a variety of plants, fruits and vegetables.

A considerable amount of resources have been used removing non-indigenous trees and replanting the property with trees that are native to Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Las Villas De San Buenas is well aware of the trends in the Costa Rica Real Estate market towards sustainable community living. We encourage home buyers to grow gardens on the property surrounding their home.

Innovative Ideas at Villas De San Buenas

We have also planned and installed many green areas and parks on the property. The space will be shared space to grow food and shared by the community. The goal is to provide the areas for residents to grow whatever they want and the infrastructures to make it possible. How that will look in the long run will depend on the community. There is also a option of hiring local farm workers to assist with planting, maintenance and harvesting of food grown within the community.

Las-Villas-de-San-BuenasAll residents are encouraged to utilize low power consumption LED light bulbs and other energy-efficient appliances in their homes. In fact, our most recently constructed home, Casa Toucan, was built entirely with LED lighting.

Costa Rica is working hard towards being the first carbon neutral country in the world. Power is provided through the government’s power company, ICE (pronounced ee-say), and a large portion of the country’s power comes from renewable resources like hydroelectric and wind.

Costa Rica Sustainable Living and the Future of Villas De San Buenas

Las Villas De San Buenas is not an off-the-grid community and does not have plans of becoming off-the-grid.  Individual homes will have the option of becoming 100% solar powered. Some residents may choose to install solar panels on their homes to be more self-sufficient, however it is not required. We do offer solar packages during construction and post-home-construction phases. There are two well respected solar installation companies in the area that can provide a no-cost, no-obligation bid to install solar solutions for your home. We will respect each persons level of contribution and participation towards Costa Rica Sustainable Living within Las Villas De San Buenas.

Las-Villas-de-San-BuenasIn the future, we envision using our tennis courts as a location for a weekend farmers market.  Residents can trade food they grow with other residents and local farmers. This will ensure that Las Villas De San Buenas becomes a contributor to the local economy and benefits the local area in a variety of ways. Working towards Costa Rica Sustainable Living.

Las Villas De San Buenas has planted thousands of ornamental plants, fruit trees and native trees, and will be planting more in the future. We have planted many types of plants (yucca, pineapple, sugar cane) and many types of fruiting trees such as mamones chinos, limon, almond, guava, mango and papaya. One of the advantages of living here is that so many amazing and healthy fruit trees grow here with ease.

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