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Dapoxetine buy blog, Where can i buy dapoxetine in singapore

Dapoxetine buy blog, Where can i buy dapoxetine in singapore

Our Costa Rica Real Estate Financing coupled with our lots starting at only $19,500 makes owning your piece of paradise even mountain view lot costa ricaeasier and affordable. We have recently announced our new financing option for 2017. Take advantage of our 6-5-4 financing plan.

  • 6 year mortgage
  • 5% annual interest
  • $4,000 minimum down payment

With this incredibly affordable plan, many of our lots can be purchased for less than $400 per month after the first month.

You won’t find an easier and more affordable option for owning property in Costa Rica than what we are currently offering.

We do not perform credit checks and your debt will remain private between you and Las Villas de San Buenas. No banks are used and we don’t have complicated forms. We won’t ask for copies of bank statements, tax returns or any other financial documentations. Our simple, 6-5-4, financing is easy and straight to the point.

To determine your monthly payment, decide which lot you would like to purchase on our masterplan, determine how much you have available for a down payment, and visit this mortgage calculator (assume 5% interest for 6 years) and add $100 for monthly HOA fees.

Please contact us or fill out the form to the right and check “Lot Financing”

If you have any questions at +1.612.819.8154 (USA/Canada) or 8851.6891 in Costa Rica.

Stay Informed!

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