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The Writer’s Retreat of San Buenas

Check out the new and dedicated retreat website

What: Located in The Southern Pacific Zone, Costa Rica’s least developed and most rustic region where beauty and inspiration is everywhere you look and breathe, we’ve set-up a writer’s retreat to enrich the creative person’s soul who in turn will enrich our lives with their art.

Dates: January 29, 2017 – February 4, 2017 (SOLD OUT)

Who can attend? Anyone who has a passion for writing, whether you are an accomplished writer with a bookshelf filled with your self-penned novels, someone experiencing writer’s block, or a novice who has always dreamed of completing that book. This place is for you.

The Mission of The Writer’s Retreat of San Buenas is to create an intimate, comfortable, luxurious inspiration-filled environment for writers to write, be they essayists, journalists, memoirists, screenwriters, short-story writers, poets or novelists.

Who else will be there? In an effort to keep the setting intimate and so every writer gets an equal and fair amount of attention, we are limiting this retreat to only 5 guests. We are proud to announce there’ll be two published authors leading daily workshops.

Will Viharo will viharo cocktail

Novelist, short-story writer, film programmer, live music booker,

Tiki lounge lizard, B-movie impresario and historian, Will ‘the Thrill’ Viharo has 9 novels published, incl. ‘Love Stories Are Too Violent for Me.’ Will’s notorious cult-novel whose movie rights were sold to actor/filmmaker Christian Slater with the intention to be adapted into a future film.

ezekiel tyrus costa ricaEzekiel Tyrus

Ezekiel Tyrus is a published author who lived off and on in San Francisco for 20 years. A former employee of The Beat Museum, Zeke is a Beat Generation scholar and historian who has been referred to by British critic and author, John Williams as a “Slacker Generation Bukowski.”

Last winter, the author came to Las Villas de San Buenas to visit an old friend from high school, then fell in love with the area, stayed for 3 months, found enough inspiration to write a novel that’s getting published in early 2017. Thus the idea for a writer’s retreat was born.

Cost: $1,500 – $2,500 (not including airfare to Costa Rica)

Casa Lapas (3 suites, private pool, ocean and mountain views)

Casa Lapas Villa costa rica collage

Hemingway Suite:
Cost: $2,500 (King size bed/first floor suite/A/C in bedroom)

Faulkner Suite & Bronte Suite: Upstairs suites (private shower/toilet/sink). Shared balcony with Bronte Room. Each suite has sliding glass door access to the balcony. A/C in bedroom. DVD/TV.
Cost: $2,000/each
Faulkner Suite is SOLD for this retreat. 

Shared balcony of Bronte Room and Faulkner Room

Casa Cusinga (2 bedrooms, private Jacuzzi, Next to the jungle)

Housed inside the more rugged Casa Cusinga, The Kerouac and Steinbeck Rooms are a step back in time for the writer who desires a more classic, old school expatriate experience inside a traditional old Costa Rican mountainside cabin. Author Ezekiel Tyrus wrote a novel while staying in The Kerouac Room. Perhaps you will do the same.

All retreaters will have access to both houses and each will be stocked with fruits/snacks and drink but all workshops and shared meals will be at Casa de Lapas, except for special occasions and locations.

cusinga lodge villas san buenas
Steinbeck Suite:
Walk out to outdoor Jacuzzi, private shower, toilet.
Cost: $1,750

Kerouac Room:
Queen size bed, shower, toilet, laundry five feet away.
Cost: $1,500

NOTE: None of the bedrooms have satellite TV.

Some of locations we will be visiting during your stay here:

Where to buy dapoxetine in singapore, Dapoxetine order in india

Special Offer!