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My Costa Rica Vacation Video 2014

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Costa Rica Vacation Video (June 2014)

The following video compilation is from our most recent trip to Costa Rica (June 2014) when the rest of my family came to Las Villas de San Buenas. My kids absolutely love it here in Costa Rica. The highlights always include daily dips in the swimming pool, running and playing in the Pacific OceanĀ atĀ Playa Ventanas and going horseback riding on the property.

Come on down and make your own memories here! Contact us today to let us help you plan your Costa Rica trip.

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Beautiful Beaches and National Parks Nearby

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Costa Rica Beaches

Las Villas de San Buenas is perfectly located close to numerous beautiful Costa Rica Beaches and National Parks. The nearest beach is Playa Tortuga, home to a turtle sanctuary and education center.

The most beautiful and tranquil beach in all of the Osa region is Playa Ventanas. Playa Ventanas is an easy 15 minute drive from Las Villas de San Buenas. It is a great location to spend an afternoon of relaxing, stand-up paddle boarding or swimming. If you visit during low tide you can walk all the way through one of the ‘ventanas’ (or windows).

Check out the rest of the beaches near to Las Villas de San Buenas here.

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