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You can see the incredible and beautiful mountain views that most of our lots enjoy. Starting at $23,900 and easy financing available along with fly-and-buy incentives.

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We can build a rancho on your lot also if you’re interested. This one rests above our house and has amazing ocean views and views of San Buenas Golf Resort located next door.

Nick Halverson
USA/CAN: 612.819.8154 Costa Rica: 8718.7900
Las Villas de San Buenas
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Owners in Las Villas de San Buenas have the opportunity to be an owner in the Ballena Beach Club. Here is the beach in Ballena National Park that is about 200 meters from Ballena Beach Club in Uvita.

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Recently I spent ten days in Costa Rica working on various projects. It had been six months since I was there last. I thought you would be interested in what I saw.

Southern Costa Rica continues to make favorable changes while retaining its unique

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features of beautiful flora and fauna and a friendly relaxed lifestyle. For example, ten years ago there were only muddy agricultural roads in the area. Now there is a beautiful two lane highway with reflectors making driving safe and easy all day and night.

Rather than having virtually no telephone service and no cell phone service (as was the case until December 15, 2009), internet service is becoming commonplace and it is only a short time before the community of San Buenaventura has internet service.

Instead of an outdated medical facility, the Southern zone of Costa Rica now has one of the newest medical facilities in all of Costa Rica. For photos buy cheap dapoxetine.

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New hospital 5 minutes from The Village of San Buenas

Rather than providing sporadic electrical power, a new hydroelectric power plant is being built.

And finally, although no specifics have been announces, rumors continue to float that a new international airport will be built in the southern zone/Osa Peninsula sometime in the relative near future.

The Village of San Buenas

Our Costa Rica real estate development continues to be more impressive on each visit. Our family has built a home about in the middle of the development. The news are spectacular! We see the ocean and mountains, see parakeets, toucans, scarlet macaws and hear the flowing river running through the project along with  the howler monkeys that live in the nearby natural preserve (located on the project).

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Affordable Costa Rica Living

We are making excelling progress in getting more infrastructure in place. Specifically, we have constructed a bridge over the river that flows through the property. Within the next twelve months we will have a well drilled that will take care of many of our lot owners when they choose to build their home.

We are working closely with the government agencies to have electricity available to everyone in the near future. We hope to have internet service available to select areas of the project by June 2011. Telephone service is expected to be available to select regions of the project by December 2010.

All these things mean that the infrastructure should be in place in a large portion of the development before any lot owner decides to build a house.

Obviously the depressed world economy has had a negative impact on the value of many peoples’ houses and holdings in the stock market. It is very pleasing to note that no such decline has occurred on the value of our lots. Indeed, virtually everyone who purchased a lot has seen its value increase. As we continue to upgrade the project we plan to increase prices.

I encourage you to visit our website, buy dapoxetine in india, then contact me directly with any questions you may have. We would love to visit with you about beautiful Costa Rica and The Village of San Buenas.

As a final note, buy your airpland ticket and go see our project – I invite you to stay at our house to view the project. You will love what you see and hear!

Duane Halverson
Chairman of the Board

Search Villas Las Buenas

Stay Informed!

Osa, Costa Rica

Special Offer!

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